A Single Step

Greetings! I’m so excited to publish my initial post on my new blog, Transilience. This is the first step on what I hope will be a long and productive journey. Please join me often!

I thought long and hard about a subject for this first post and decided an explanation of the name, Transilience, was a good place to start. By definition, transilience is a sudden or abrupt change and is closely paired with the word resilience in the English language. Both words describe my experiences of the past decade or so, and as I talk with women of similar age I find this to be common. The “change of life” is about so much more than one’s reproductive status.

I chose the name to represent this new endeavor because through sharing my thoughts and observations of this vibrant and exciting time of life, I hope to inspire you and other women and encourage you to also embrace the transformations life delivers to your door. As our roles shift, so does our identity. It is only through mindful and conscious effort that we can craft a self-image that prepares us to meet new challenges and to fully welcome the opportunities that come our way. I want to encourage you to step into new roles with confidence and joy.

When I entered my fifties, 10 years ago, my mother said to me that it would be the best decade of my life. It certainly started out that way. I was hitting my stride as a newly minted farmer and businesswoman, confident and filled with the joy of a dream realized. Sharing this earthy existence with my husband, and learning to be a grandmother to my daughter’s young son brought boundless happiness my way. I had chosen farming over my life as a working artist, the first of what I now see was a cascade of changes that have culminated in this moment.

Over the course of the decade just past, the winds of change fiercely blew my way. I became a part-time caregiver to my elderly parents and ultimately said a final goodbye to them both. My beloved grandson, shockingly, suffered a stroke at the age of nine, teaching us all a lesson in the fragility of life as well as the resilience of youth as he fought his way back from The Great Abyss. We learned that Will, my dear husband, had cancer and we embarked on the relentless roller-coaster ride that is cancer treatment. We gave up our farming business, unable to continue with him being ill. Somewhere in the midst of the madness, a knee injury from 20 years ago began to plague me again, turning my active and healthy body into what at times seemed like one of an aging and somewhat disabled old woman.

When my recent birthday marked the beginning of a new decade of life, my seventh (gasp!), it seemed I was handed a choice. The week before, we had received the very finest of gifts-that of my husband’s return to health. The cancer which had so recently ravaged his body was no where to be found. Against all odds, modern medicine handed us back our life. My choice? Simply this: am I going to walk away as quickly as possible from the pain and sadness of the past decade or will I accept the lessons and share them with others? You are reading my decision. I will make it all count for something beyond simple survival and allow Transilience to flower into Resilience. Let change inspire growth, let resilience build strength.

Join me as I explore the topics and challenges that we share, and let’s find inspiration together as we embrace the changes that come our way.